Moxa CN2650-16-2AC 16 port

RS-232/422/485, Dual 100-240VAC, adapter

Product nr: 107042
Features and Benefits 
  • LCD panel for easy IP address configuration
  • Dual-LAN cards with two independent MAC addresses and IP addresses
  • Redundant COM function available when both LANs are active
  • Dual-host redundancy can be used to add a backup PC to your system
  • Dual AC power inputs
  • Real COM/TTY drivers for Windows and Linux 
Redundancy is an important issue for industry, and several different solutions have been developed to prevent damage caused by equipment or software failures. Watchdog hardware is required to utilize redundant hardware, and a Token switching mechanism is required for software. The CN2600 terminal server uses its built-in dual-LAN ports to implement a redundant COM mode that keep your applications running smoothly.
Dual-LAN Redundancy
The CN2600 has two separate LAN ports that can be connected to separate LAN networks. Dual-LAN redundancy involves setting up two separate physical networks to connect the PC host with the CN2600. In this case, the PC host must also be installed with two LAN cards. If one of the networks fails, the PC host will still be able to communicate with your serial devices over the redundant LAN.
Redundant COM

The Redundant COM (patent pending) operation mode can be used to set up a redundant LAN between the CN2600’s COM ports and the host computer. The redundant structure involves using the CN2600’s two LAN ports to set up two independent LANs that connect the CN2600 to the host computer. If either of the two LANs fails, the other LAN will continue transmitting packets between the serial devices and the host, with the data transmitted through the CN2600. One of the biggest advantages of using Moxa’s Redundant COM mode is that the  switching time is zero. What this means is that if one of the LANs fails, data transmission between the PC host the serial devices will not be interrupted.
Dual-host Redundancy
The CN2600’s dual LAN cards can also be used to set up  dual-host redundancy. In this case, both networks (LAN A and LAN B in the figure) are connected to two different hosts. If either of the two hosts shuts down unexpectedly, the other host will continue transmitting packets to (and receiving packets from) the serial devices connected to the CN2600.
Dual-AC Model Supported
Dual-power redundancy uses two power inputs and redundant internal power supplies to ensure that the CN2600’s console port, serial ports, and LAN ports will be available, even in the event of power circuit failure.