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117432 Axiomtek AX60501 6-Slot Full size Chassis Axiomtek. White,W/O PSU
Varunr:  117432
119599 Axiomtek AX60530 6-slot ShoeBox Chassis Axiomtek. 200W PSU, 3x PCI + PCIe x16
Varunr:  119599
127381  BSK 42 Chassis for 42" monitor Elkapsling/Fully assembled w/heating,fan
Varunr:  127381
126791  BSK 55 Chassis for 55" monitor Elkapsling/Fully assembled w/heating,fan
Varunr:  126791
120515 Supermicro CSE-101i ITX kabinett Supermicro, uten 80W power adapter
Varunr:  120515
120560 Supermicro CSE-504-203B 1U kabinett Supermicro, 200W PSU
Varunr:  120560
120555 Supermicro CSE-512F-350B 1U kabinett Supermicro, 350W PSU
Varunr:  120555
116086  CSE-733TQ-500B Midi-tower chassis ATX, 500W PSU, 4x HDD Hot-swap
Varunr:  116086
123928  DA-IRIG-B-S-02-T Rackmount Computer DA-800 Peripherals Mo
Varunr:  123928
114111 IEI Technology Corp. EBC-3000-R11 Mini-ITX embedded chassis,
Varunr:  114111
112100 IEI Technology Corp. EBC-3100-R11 Mini-ITX embedded chassis
Varunr:  112100
121676 IEI Technology Corp. ECA-200-R20 DeskTop/Wall-Mount Chassis, mATX
Varunr:  121676
111663 Guangshing EEB-B02 Micro box chassi with air filter (GHB-B01V) For ACE-A627A PSU. mATX
Varunr:  111663
125290 Guangshing GH-403SR 4U Black
Varunr:  125290
112848 Guangshing GHI-200 2U chassis, Passive Backplane
Varunr:  112848
116253 Guangshing GHI-200/R4B-500G1V2/23512-G Card Cage 2U,Red.PSU,Card Cage f.PE-6SD2, No PS2
Varunr:  116253
111607 Guangshing GHI-243 2U 19" Chassis 2U/4xHDD skuffer/ATX MB
Varunr:  111607
118300 Guangshing GHI-243/R2Z-6400P/Low profile slot 2U, 4xHDD skuffer, ATX MB, Red. PSU,
Varunr:  118300
114392 Guangshing GHI-252H with GHP-U790 Riser card For ACE-A627A PSU. 2 PCI + PCIe x16
Varunr:  114392
112152 Guangshing GHI-254 2U Rackmount with 2x hotswap drive bay
Varunr:  112152
104133 Guangshing GHI-403ATXR,2xUSB front/Bl. 4U Black, for ATX MB
Varunr:  104133
112499 Guangshing GHI-406ATXR 4U chassis, black For m.ATX hovedkort. Dybde 30cm.
Varunr:  112499
113284 Guangshing GHI-443 4U chassis, 10x 3,5" HDD skuffer For ATX hovedkort
Varunr:  113284
112241 IEI Technology Corp. PAC-1000GB-R20 Full size 6-Slot Full size Chassis,Black,W/O PSU
Varunr:  112241
112795 IEI Technology Corp. PAC-125GWPX-R22 10-Slot Full-size Chassis,White
Varunr:  112795
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