Full Travel rugged keyboard Panel mount

Product nr: 128866

F38-553114-A 38 mm trackball, PTFE seal , IP65, USB, 3 integrated switches, black aluminium carrier plate, front panel mount, non removable YELLOW ball, mechanical engine

The F38 Series trackball module is a high specification human interface device designed to operate in extremely demanding environments where reliability and robustness are essential.

The module is supplied with three integrated switches which provide the conventional left, middle and right button functionality found in commercial trackballs/mice. Alternatively, the number and position of the switches can be selected as part of a custom solution.

The unique aluminium construction provides excellent impact strength, electrical shielding, and environmental protection, making the trackball an all-round robust solution for the most demanding of military, marine and aerospace applications.
High-grade stainless steel shafts and bearings ensure a solid and precise pointer control.

The F38 Series trackball module can also be configured with various top plate styles providing options on ball tracking force and illumination for use in low light environments.

The trackball module has been designed to be front of panel mounted as part of a rugged keyboard/console.