106-key keyboard w/Touchpad, USB

Product nr: 127480
106 KEY "TRACKERBOARD" with touchpad
The unit features a full MF (multi-functional) keyboard with separate numeric-, cursor- and control keypads. The touchpad uses the Field Distortion Technology to sense the presence of your finger. This device is not pressure sensitive, a light touch is sufficient, tracking your fingertip precisely. The complete unit is sealed IP65. Colour scheme and legend styling fit in with most recent industrial computer equipment.
ORDERING INFO (incl. cables)
Panel mount version Enclosed version
KBSP106 F xx yyy KBSP106 S xx yyy
xx : specify layout version
1 : US Qwerty
33 : FR French Azerty
34 : SP Spanish Qwerty
49 : GR German Qwertz yyy : specify output protocol
PS2 : PS/2 output
USB : USB output