106 taster membran, 38mmrulleball, P/S2

Product nr: 114532
The unit features a full MF (multi-functional) keyboard with separate numeric-, cursor- and control keypads. The robust industrial
grade trackball has a ball diameter of 38 mm and allows highest precision in cursor control. The keyboard part is sealed to IP65, the
self-adjusting PTFE seal of the trackball enables an IP65 static (ball in rest) protection grade. Colour scheme and legend styling fit
with the most recent industrial computer equipment.
Panel mount version: Front panel mounting by means of eight M4-threaded studs. Operation of the keyboard and trackball is possible at all mounting angles (from horizontal to vertical). Metal covers on the backside protect the mechanical- and electronical components.
Enclosed version: The keyboard and trackball are combined in one compact, robust steel enclosure and will fit into 19 rack
drawers (1HU) or can be used as desktop model.