SPS55F8 TouchPad panel mount

Output: USB cabel with PS/2 adapter

Product nr: 109615
The SPS55F8 features a capacitive type touchpad mounted into a stainless steel carrier plate, equipped with two stainless steel switches. The Solid State Touchpad and the switches are IP68 grade. The silicone sponge panel-seal , which is part of the supply, provides waterproof IP68 sealing for the total unit when properly mounted into the customers' panel. The touchpad uses the "Field Distortion Technology" to sense the presence of the finger. The device is not pressure sensitive, a light touch is sufficient, tracking your fingertip precisely. Because of the capacitive working principle, the unit might not work with thicker gloves. The unit is designed for harsh industrial applications, it will operate at all mounting angles and it does not require cleaning or maintenance. Therefore, it is very well suited for a wide range of applications, indoor and outdoor, such as public access- and information kiosks or terminals, navigation control, processing industry and many others.
Stainless steel touchpad unit
  • IP68 sealing
  • "Field Distortion Technology" (capacitive working principle) to sense the presence of the finger
  • Not pressure sensitive
  • Stainless steel carrier and switches
  • Combo PS/2 & USB output
Touchpad stainless steel SPS55F8