Moxa ABC-02-USB

Automatic Backup Configurator

Product nr: 117626
USB-based auto backup configurator for managed Ethernet switches and routers
          • ABC-02 series can easily accessible as an USB 2.0 (type A) storage device using Windows OS
          • Backup and restore switch configuration files
          • Load the system configuration automatically after system reboot
          • Web console to upgrade latest firmware and maintain event logs  
          • One-click backup of system configurations using the RESET button when the ABC-02 is connected
          • Extend recorded entries of event logs when the ABC-02 is connected to the switch
          • Auto-backup of switch configuration files when any setting is changed
          • Portable low-power design (requires no power supply)
          • CE and FCC approved
The ABC-02-USB Automatic Backup Configurator is designed for Moxa’s new generation of managed switches, which can save and load configuration files, backup event logs, and load firmware via the USB (universal serial bus) interface to the ICS/IKS A series and EDS E series switches. The ABC-02-USB is able to be accessed directly like a standard USB flash drive from a computer.
The ABC series makes it easier to manage the backup of system parameters or perform configuration. With the ABC series device, users can quickly configure a replacement switch (of the same model).