Moxa ABC-01

Automatic Back-up Configurator

Product nr: 107389
Features and Benefits
  • RS-232 RJ45 console port connection
  • Complete configuration storage for Moxa's managed Ethernet switches
  • Automatic loading of system configuration after the system reboots
  • Manual loading and saving of system configuration through web console
  • Portable low-power design that requires no power supply
  • Configuration of switch can be loaded automatically or manually
  • CE, FCC approved

The ABC-01 can save and load the configuration of Moxa's managed Ethernet switches through the switch's RS-232 console port, making it easier to manage the backup of system parameters or replacement of a switch. With the assistance of the ABC-01, users can quickly re-install a substitute switch of the same model, and/or recover the entire system configuration, including IP address, if a switch failure occurs.