8-channel Digital Output and 14-channel

Product nr: 117130
The ET-6000 series is a family of Internet/Ethernet data acquisition and control modules that support Modbus/TCP protocols and it is an Ethernet remote I/O module with the built-in web server that used for all configuration and I/O data monitoring and controlling using a regular web browser.

Digital Output
Output Channels
8 (Source)  
LED Indicator  Yes
Output Type Isolated (N-MOSFET, Open Source)
Max Load Current
1.4A/ channel
Load Operating Voltage
10Vdc to 40Vdc
External Power Voltage Range 
12Vdc to 45Vdc
Over-Voltage Protection +48 VDC
Direct Drive Power Relay Module  Yes
Short Circuit Protection and Current Limitation  Yes
Switching Inductive Loads Yes
Intra-module Isolation, Field to Logic  3750V rms 
Digital Input
Input Channels 14 (Sink/Source)  
LED Indicator  Yes
Input Type Isolation, One Common/Ground for All Digital Inputs
Input Impedance 10K Ohms, 0.5W (For Wet Contact)
Dry Contact (Source)  On Voltage Level : Close to GND
Off Voltage Level : Open
Wet Contact (Sink/Source)  On Voltage Level : +10 to 50Vdc
Off Voltage Level : +3V (Max.)
Each Channel Can Be To Dry Contact or Wet Contact  Yes
Counters Channels : 14
Max. Input Frequency : 100Hz
Min. Pulse Width : 5ms
Intra-module Isolation, Field to Logic  3750V rms